Monochromatic Grisaille style bathroom, very serene.

Glass bead fern design with metallic plaster in master bath. The glass beads are actually very subtle, but reflected with the camera flash.

Blue/green pearlized plaster in fishscale design with swarovski pearls.

Hand-painted chinoisserie on dining room walls, an oriental version of a French toile.

Copper textured backsplash in butler’s pantry.

Crackle finish on custom vanity.

Beautiful painted fiberglass water fountain.

   “Thank you so much for the artistic work you did on my water fountain.  Not only do I now have a fountain, but also a beautiful work of art.  The colors make me happy.”  — from the client, Nancy

The wallpaper inspired the modello ceiling design, approximately 6′ in length.

Three more gorgeous ceilings:
Lusterstone with design, Textured Metals (silver with a little gold), and a Lusterust with anaglypta.