It’s so true that time goes by faster as we grow older! I can’t understand how anyone gets bored because there are so many things I’d love to do or “should do.” For example, I should probably update this blog more often, but I am not quite the techie I’d like to be.

I totally enjoyed working at Waccamaw Middle School last summer. I never realized there was so much activity at a school during the summer months. I met remarkable, dedicated people working in the education system–teachers, office personnel, custodians, and quite a few parents.

When the project was complete, I worked on back-to-back jobs in three amazing beachfront condos and one intracoastal waterway home. The jobs included many, many ceilings, a small mural, as well as color-wash glazes and a nine-layer Italian plaster on walls. These jobs kept me quite busy into the new year.

Of course, Thanksgiving week once again became the highlight of my year because my whole family was together.

Our Christmas tree project was jeopardized this past year because Tidelands Community Hospice decided to forego the charity auction in favor of a year-round resale shop. But my friends and I decided to put our service on a silent auction with the proceeds going to the hospice. Then we decorated a tree with more than 200 hand-made or embellished ornaments in the home of the winning bidder. It turned out beautiful!

I wish everyone a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2010. My goals for this year include learning new skills, decorating, organizing, and cleaning out areas in my own home and traveling… if and when I have the opportunity. I’ll be starting a glazing project on kitchen cabinets next week, and may have multiple projects in a very large newly constructed home.